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2. Your input will be used as a valuable insight to improve
3. Be highly critical and open, That's what's needed to reach top class entrepreneurship

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What's your best and what's your poorest startup skill? 
Put the 8 skills in order of your personal performance. *

- Use 1 for your best skill, until 8 for your poorest skill
- Make sure you use all numbers 1 to 8
For example: The personal sequence you fill in could look like this: "4, 6, 2, 1, 3, 8, 7, 5" Than Execution is your best skill, Hustle your poorest. 

Startup Skills
1. Inventing:
 imagining new products, from the idea to setting up an MVP.
2. Understanding: knowledge and insights on the relation between product and customer.
3. Adaptability: adjusting product and company to all kind of changes.
4. Execution: Getting things done". About the amount of tasks you get done, deliver work that's directly usable and solves customer problems.
5. Hustle: convincing, negotiation and involvement to get things done that are beneficial for the company.
6. Networking: building and maintaining relationships to convert into business.
7. Team & Culture: cultural sensitivity and developing a social environment that contributes to reaching the company's targets.
8. Organization: application of human capital and workflow, by letting people perform their tasks to their core strengths.
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